Travel agencies and San Juan Hotels

San Juan values its partners and employees. With experience in the hotel market San Juan is consolidate in many areas.

In Curitiba San Juan offers three different hotels: The San Juan Executive Hotel, the modern and innovator San Juan Jonhscher and the San Juan Royal perfect for leisure and business with great location. The San Jan Business São Paulo is the best option for closing deals in a city that never stops. The San Juan Business Jaguariaíva is a stage for trainings and exclusive events, also great for adventure lovers. At last The San Juan Eco Foz and San Juan Tour in Foz do Iguaçu offer fun for the whole family. To keep growing the San Juan invests in the relationship with travel agents and tourism operators.

Discover the advantages of working with San Juan Hotels.

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São Paulo 0800 77 12101
Curitiba 0800 41 5505

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